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Game report Cybertronic v DL
« on: November 25, 2006, 09:14:59 AM »
20th Nov some years in future the Army of Cybertronic were just and I mean just able to vanquish the Illian Horde.
In a very close run encounter the Enhanced men(will nearly men) defeated the Dark Legion.
Having quickly shot down the maraudering Children of Illian the Chasseurs squads with aid of a small squad of shock troopers and supported by 2 Deatheggs were then able to clear out 2 Templar Squads and 2 Monsters from Hell(mer macs) in the course the men of steel lost 1 deathegg most of the shock troopers and squad of both People Vol and Chasseur squad.
At one stage the battle looked over for the machine men but roared on by Col Castrol Oil and Gen Duckhams they just overcame the things from another world.
Phew Cybertronic can hold its place on battlefield against the Deadylist
of foes.

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Re: Game report Cybertronic v DL
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Nice to see you back Zeltec.
 Have you got the miniatures you were after and have you recruited more to the cause?