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Scenarios (Based off of real-world training)-RAID
« on: September 07, 2006, 01:59:59 PM »

Raids are operations with a planned withdrawal (assuming the attackers survive).  Contact with the enemy is not necessary guaranteed, and not necessarily required to complete the operation.

Examples include:
1) Assassination-kill a specific enemy model.  That model has been determined prior to starting the game either randomly or by a third player.
a) The defender does not know which model is being targeted
2) Sabotage-eliminate a specific objective (ammo depot, communications node, etc.)
a) Single Target (a demolitions/grenade specialist/combat engineer/squad leader/Individual/Support [i.e. surveilor or Razide rather than a Mortar Team or Orca]) must spend two actions setting the explosives.
b) Multiple Targets.  Same as above only there are several scattered about the playing field.
c) Blind Target.  One or multiple targets, only they are on marked by counters that when revealed (base to base contact) may or may not indicate and actual target or a false lead
3) Snatch and Grab.  The attacker must obtain a specific item, them remove it safely from the field.
a) The target is a living model (a model determined as above or an item like livestock that moves each turn via the deviation rules)
b) The target is a piece of equipment or data from a computer (unit leader/Individual/Support [as above] must spend two actions on the objective marker retrieving the item.
4) Emplace.  The attacker must emplace something (a bomb, a homing transmitter, etc.) in a specified area.
Rules Suggestions:
Defenderís forces are split up into the four corners of the field.  Attacker may choose which side to enter on.  The defender has 25-50% more troops than the attacker, but the attacker can choose entirely from elites.

Classic Examples:
The Bridge on the River Quai-something about a bridge
The original GI Joe series where the have to collect all the elements, then later the parts to the weather dominator (ahem Maplewoodwarzonesagagang ahem)
Return of the Jedi-something about a generator

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