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Scenarios (Based off of real-world training)-TRAP
« on: September 05, 2006, 09:15:31 AM »
Scenarios (Based off of real-world training)-TRAP-Tactical Recovery of Aircraft and Personnel

Technically a TRAP* is a raid (it has a planned withdrawl)
In this case, the objective is to accomplish exactly what its name says.

The nature of the TRAP can be enemy fire (i.e. the aircraft was shot down but in any event crashed) or mechanical (it had a malfunction or took minor damage and was forced to land in enemy territory relatively intact).  What this means to you:
1) Recover the downed pilot-The pilot or pilots are somewhere on the board, either next to some wreakage or a random location (i.e. they parachuted out in time).  Sub options: 
a) There is more than one pilot/aircrew
b) they are mobile and active or they are wounded and unable to move
c) they are located in the center of the board or have to be found.
The pilot will not activate until he is within two inches of a friendly model.  He will then attach to that unit until off the board.  Use Capitol Light Infantry stats and give the pilot the standard pistol for his corp.  To capture the pilot, he must be defeated in close combat (it shouldn't be hard, most pilots' battle cry is "Not the face!"

2) Recover the aircraft-Sub options
a) The aircraft is a total loss but has sensitive equipment that must be destroyed at all costs [an elite model, support unit, individual, or unit leader must spend two actions setting explosives on the target area]
b) The aircraft is a total loss but has intelligence gathering equipment that must be recovered and returned [the item must be gathered (two actions again) then taken safely off the board-can futher devolve into a "capture the flag" scenario
c) The aircraft is repairable in a short amount of time if the enemy can be kept at bay [roll randomly each turn for the aircrew to repair the aircraft.  Roll a 2+ to suceed, every subsequent turn, subtract an additional point to the roll]
d) the aircraft can be recovered the time to do so is such that the enemy in the area must be completely eliminated.

3) Marry the two and watch as hilarity ensues.

Technically, for a TRAP to be initiated the rescuing unit must know the pilot/aircrew is alive and their location but for our purposes this can be waived.

*I can never say this without mentally hearing admiral Ackbar from ROTJ saying "It's a trap!"
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