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Title: Battle Report: Alien eggs
Post by: micmellon on January 05, 2012, 04:22:29 AM
We played on Sylvester afternoon before the celebrations started an awesome game.

I will post the report in several steps.

The scenario had the idea to offer the possibility (or to force the player  ;D ) to make use of often ignored units. Most of the units are all-rounder who can be used in RC and CC. In most cases the player will take a RC or an CC specialist unit but for this scenario you need a different type of heroes.  ;)
Title: Re: Battle Report: Alien eggs
Post by: micmellon on January 05, 2012, 04:24:52 AM
The scenario:

Alien Eggs

An unknown alien species laid some eggs in an abandon caserne. The surrounding outposts of the different corps have sent some striking forces to seek and to destroy the eggs. Nobody knows if the alien is still around so the forces are unusual large.
The eggs are ejecting a scent that confuses the soldier. Instead of working together they start to fight each other for the eggs.   
Fractions: Three player. No teams.
Force: 780 Pts. No OBA or Field Engineering Objects.
Environment: Desert 4 (Weapon Malfunction, Move -1)
Duration: 5 Turns

Deployment zones: A circle of 10ď. Distance between each centre point 36ď.
The red dots are the alien eggs (Amount 12).
Distance between alien eggs and the outer deployment zone limit is 8Ē. One egg is in the middle between two deployment zones.
The eggs to the left and to the right have a distance of 9Ē.

Infiltrate and Reg. Training units have to stay 6ď away from any egg.
Each player has to choose first the force than the deployment zone.

Destroy as many eggs as possible. The player with the most eggs wins the game.

Alien Eggs:
The alien eggs have Stealth 3. Only units who can have spotted the eggs first can attack the eggs. The eggs stay visible after spotted for the spotter unit or they are visible for everybody after an attack in CC.
The eggs have two resisting layers. One layer can only be destroyed in CC with true CC weapons* except of bayonets. The other layer can only be destroyed by RC weapons except of template weapons*. All other weapons are useless against the eggs.
It is necessary to make a successful hit roll to destroy one layer of the egg. The eggs donít have an armor value and no safety roll will be done.
The hit has to make at least a damage of 10 to destroy one resisting layer. If the damage is less it is necessary to hit the egg a second time (please consider damage multiplier). To destroy an egg it is necessary to destroy both layers during an activation of one unit. The order of the destruction of the layers has no influence. If the attempt is unsuccessful all layers are regenerated at the end of the activation of the actual unit and the next unit has to restart all over.
It is possible to fire at an egg with friendly models in base to base contact to the egg. If the model is an enemy it is necessary to kill the model first to fire or to hit the egg. It is not allowed to fire with ambush or wait at eggs.
The eggs are no thread and can be ignored regarding the target priority.
No break away is necessary to leave an egg.
It is impossible to move the eggs.

*) This rule is made to limit the possible units and to make sure it is impossible to bypass the idea of the scenario. The idea of the scenario is that the player has to use unusual and rare used units.

New Eggs:
In the case that only 3 or less eggs are on the table there will be new ones at the start of the next turn.

End of the Scenario:
The scenario ends after the 5th turn.

In a case of a tie the player wins who destroyed the first egg.
Title: Re: Battle Report: Alien eggs
Post by: luckyone on January 05, 2012, 09:24:23 AM
Cool scenario. Looks like you put a lot of thought and effort into it.

I am "egg"cited to hear the outcome of the battle.

I would love to take a "crack" at it sometime.

It appears that the RC troopers will need to "lay" down some fire before the CC troopers get to the eggs.

Hopefully having your own troops turn on you won't "fowel" your success.

 ;D ;D ;D

Title: Re: Battle Report: Alien eggs
Post by: Horned Owl on January 05, 2012, 10:01:18 AM
Excited! Canīt wait to hear how things went.
Title: Re: Battle Report: Alien eggs
Post by: micmellon on January 06, 2012, 03:19:41 AM
Thank you but all the credit regarding the development of the scenario is due to Enker. He is the mastermind behind this scenario.
Title: Re: Battle Report: Alien eggs
Post by: micmellon on January 06, 2012, 04:32:55 AM
Here I have a rough sketch of our table. The real table looks quite different but it should help to indentify the images I will add later on.


The green lines are the borders of our table and the table pieces. Maybe you remember them from previous battle reports of our group.
The blue lines are buildings and structures of the board.
The yellow/orange lines are the limits of the deployment zones.
The grey dashed line is the line where the eggs will be placed.
The red dots are the alien eggs.

I hope this helps to understand all the descriptions in the scenario. The pure text can be a little bit confusing.
Title: Re: Battle Report: Alien eggs
Post by: micmellon on January 09, 2012, 04:12:01 AM
The forces and strategies:
Today I represent you the forces we played and our strategies and ideas we had when we chose them.

We played our favored forces Capitol, Mishima, and Imperial.
First we chose our forces and then we made a role to figure out in which order we have to make the choice of the deployment zones. Mishima had the first choice and took the deployment zone to the right. Afterwards Imperial took the deployment zone to the left and Capitol got the upper one.
The board is divided in four areas. The areas are the flanks between each fraction and the centre. To make it easier I will call them from now Flank Capitol-Mishima, Flank Mishima-Imperial, Flank Imperial-Capitol and the Centre.

Letís start with the forces:

The Capitol Army:
K9 Team:
4x Dog
1x Handler
K9 Team:
5x Dog
1x Handler
Sunset Striker:
4x Trooper
1x Sergeant
Sunset Striker:
5x Trooper
1x Sergeant
2x Sunset Striker Capt.
Maj. M.d.Torres
B&G Lt. Col.

Great Grey

The Capitol strategy is a kind of surprise strategy. The Capitol commander Enker is well known for his strategies of high gun power and less aggressive assaults. He normally cleans the battle field and moves his units ahead after the threads are minimized. But this time he wanted to offer us something different. On each flank will be an assault of a K9-Team to get the eggs as fast as possible. In a second wave the Sunset Striker squads will go for the more eggs. The Great Grey, both Sunset Striker Captains with Flamer and the B&G Lt. Col. will keep the Centre clean of the opponents to prevent any success of the other both players.

The Mishima Army:

1x FT spec.
4x Ashigaru
1x Leader
4x Ronin
1x HMG spec.
1x Leader
Tiger Dragon:
4x Tiger Dragons
1x Leader
Phoenix Samurai:
2x Samurai
Ronin Light Battlewalker:
2x Walker
The Mishima strategy of Bagomba is quite a different one. Toshiro will go in the Centre to draw the attention and the fire of the opponents. Of course after a level 5 Pool of the Night Shadow and some hard cover if possible. At the same time he will use True Sight to spot as many eggs as possible and to go after these eggs in the following turns.
The Deathbringer will do the same even if he misses the spells of Toshiro.
The both heroes will be supported with strong fire power.
Flank Capitol-Mishima:
 Here a team of Phoenix Samurais will be used as fire support.
Amaterasu and the squads of Ashigarus and the Tiger Dragons will first use their fire power to decimate the enemy and to move then to the eggs later on.
Flank Mishima-Imperial:
Two Ronin Light Battlewalkers has to offer a lot of fire power on this flank. Of Course the battlewalkers are flexible to change the flanks easily if necessary.
The Ronins will do the same like the squads on the other flank.

The Imperial Army:
Wolfbane Packmaster
3x Squads Warhounds each:

1x Chieftain
2x Warhounds
2x Squads Wolfbairns:
1x Chieftain
4x Wolfbairns
1x Squad Wolfbairns:
1x Chieftain
4x Wolfbairns
1x HMG Spec.

My Imperial strategy is the following. As a first thing all my units have stealth. This gives me the option to keep the units hidden until I need them. I hope that I can keep as many units as possible hidden in the first round and my opponents will attack each other with full force because they lack targets on my flanks.
The second point of strategy is that I spread my force along the deployment zone. I have at least one unit of each egg with a small reinforcement to the Centre.
 If each squad will be successful I will get at least 6 eggs. Because I have almost no heavy weapons in my force I am sure I have no chance at the end of the scenario. I have to take as many eggs as possible and I have to try to avoid a second charge of eggs or to delay this as much as possible.
My strategy is 100% target-oriented. Get the eggs and do not care too much about the opponent.

I have tried to show the three different strategies in this picture. I donít know if it helps but it looks nice. At least I think so ;)


I will write about the single turns and the end in the next few days. I have to see when I have the time but you can already discuss the strategies and do your bets ;)

PS: In any way I think you have to know to understand our scenario and our strategies that we follow the rules of the rule book regarding Stealth and not the changed rules of the FAQ-Team. I donít mean it insulting only for a better understanding.
Title: Re: Battle Report: Alien eggs
Post by: Enker on January 09, 2012, 08:57:30 AM
Very nice battrep so far. You bring the spirit of the scenario to the community.
One remark on Capitols Tactic:
The second Wave of Sunsets should take the Eggs after they had decimated the enemy a few rounds with their ARs.
So a late second wave, was the plan.
Title: Re: Battle Report: Alien eggs
Post by: micmellon on January 11, 2012, 04:01:16 AM
The battle:

First some Info about the battle report. I will describe the turn divided in the four battle fields (3 flanks and the centre) to make it easier to follow the battle. I will try to add at the end of each turn as many pictures as possible into the report as long I have the feeling they will tell you something about the battle but be careful because I will describe what happens in the four battle fields I will not follow the path of the activations. So it can be that the pics are showing some point in between that doesnít match the battle report in every detail. In any way I will post the pictures in the order like I took them, so they will follow somehow the timeline of the game.

 At the end I will add a sketch where I will mark the destroyed eggs with flags of the fractions. This should help to understand my writing and the pics. Thatís it!

Letís get ready to rumble!

The first turn:

Capitol wins the first initiative something happens what happens almost never. He takes the initiative of the first round for himself. Imperial is second in the order and is doing the same and then Mishima activates his first unit.

Flank Imperial-Capitol:

Capitol activates his first K9-Team. The dogs can easily spot the egg in the middle of the flank and they go after it. It takes him three dogs for the first layer of the egg and the handler to destroy it. The first egg is destroyed in the first activation of the game. A shock for Imperial and Mishima! Is this an omen for the Capitol strategy and the game?

The Wolfbairns are going for their first egg, too. They are successful but they get almost totally crushed afterwards by the Sunset Striker. But they have their chance, too. Because they have so many actions left they kill with their sidearms almost the whole K9-Team. The K9-Team gets panic.

Flank Mishima-Imperial

This flank is characterized by failures of both fractions but letís get to the details.

The Warhounds have a lot of trouble just to spot the dammed egg. After this is done there arenít enough actions left to destroy the egg. That is lot of bad luck during the first activation. Instead of that the Warhound next to the egg gets a visitor. The Deathbringer! They start an epic struggle for the egg.

The Wolfbairns are the only small spot of light and hope on this flank. They spot their egg easily and can finish it in this round with even some actions left. But this sign of hope vanish very fast after the Battlewalker wipes out almost the entire squad and some of the Warhounds.  

But this success puts pressure on the Mishima strategy. The Mishima commander changes his plans and starts directly with his Ronins to capture an egg. But this assault is a failure in this turn, too. They can spot the egg and even some Ronins can reach it but the egg stays untouched.  

Flank Capitol-Mishima

Toshiro leads the assault on this flank. He uses his spells to get the perfect overview per True Sight and is almost untouchable because of his Pool of the Night Shadow level 5 and he stands in hard cover. A minus 9 penalty is not as funny as it sounds if you have to kill a model with 3 wounds.

The second K9-Team rushes forward and destroys one more time the egg in the middle.

Mishima builds up his heavy force on this flank. The Tiger Dragons, the Phoenix Samurais and the Ashigarus are fighting Capitol with full force. The Sunset Striker squad on this flank has not much to offer against this focus of firepower.

The Tiger Dragons and the Ashigarus destroy almost the whole K9-Team.

The Phoenix Samurai arenít able to do their job because they are heavily disturbed by the sand of the desert. They have straight away some weapon malfunctions and a fumble.

But even on this flank the Mishima commander makes a small mistake. He moves some Ashigarus too far to the front. They donít stand behind Toshiro like it was planned in the strategy. This offers Capitol some easier targets and he takes them happy to avoid Toshiro for the moment. This job is done by the B&G Lt. Col. and Maj. M.d.Torres. She takes over the rest of the K9-Team.

The Sunset Capt. Flames some Ashigarus and a few Wolfbairns who are in the Centre. During this attacks Imperial lose his only HMG on the board. This is a hard hit for the Imperial commander.

The Tiger Dragons have even some actions left to inflict the Sunset Capt. a wound.

Amaterasu is busy with the environment and takes over the Ashigaru squad.


The Wolfbairn squad in the centre is just doing their job perfectly. During one activation they are able to destroy two eggs. Just awesome! Afterwards they are under fire of the Great Grey but the most models still survives this attack.


Capitol was able to surprise Imperial and Mishima with the fast approaching dogs. Because Capitol snatches the egg in the middle of the Flank Imperia-Capitol away Imperial decided to keep the last 4 cards in stealth. That gave the opponents something to speculate. They thought during the first card. That is the false lead. Who cares? During the next two cards they started to speculate if this means two of the three cards could be two officers and the last card was a surprise because they were expected a support unit and not one more stealth unit. All cards were moving slowly but surely to the front inch by inch.

 Mishima suffered during this round a lot of weapon malfunctions. We counted 11 weapon malfunction markers of Mishima models at the end of the turn still left on the table but on the other hand he had an unbelievable amount of perfects, too.

The intermediate results are:

Capitol 2 eggs
Imperial 4 eggs
Mishima 0 eggs

Info for a better interpretation of the pics:
We used chessmen as the eggs in the beginning. If anybody took the egg the player got the chessman and we exchanged it against crown caps to mark the egg positions to use them at a later date of the game as eggs.
We all have quite a lot of models but we donít have all of them or we donít have enough of them. So it can be that the models you see on the pics are not the models they are. To reduce the confusion I will write some notes to each picture.

Title: Re: Battle Report: Alien eggs
Post by: micmellon on January 11, 2012, 04:03:15 AM
The following eggs are captured:


Title: Re: Battle Report: Alien eggs
Post by: micmellon on January 11, 2012, 04:22:06 AM
Letís get to the pics!
The first three pictures are from the beginning short after the deployment. If anybody has some questions about some details I donít describe just ask.

### Pic 1
I hope nobody has something against nude play cards from the 80ties as unit cards for imperial.
You see the nice spread units along the limit of the deployment zone.
To the right you see three dogs at the destroyed egg. In the centre you can see Toshiro behind his cover and to the left you see the three unsuccessful Warhounds.

### Pic2
This is the Mishima side. You see one more time the three units mentioned before and the second K9-Team just trying unsuccessful to destroy an egg. (You see actual no dogs but some soldier to simulate the dogs). The card in the front is the false lead of Mishima trying to spread the fear of Snipers in his force.

### Pic 3
This shows the deployment zone of Capitol. You see Enker just moving his dogs to destroy the other egg and he is successful with this one.
Title: Re: Battle Report: Alien eggs
Post by: micmellon on January 11, 2012, 04:29:55 AM
Here some details.

### Pic 4
This picture shows the K9-Team who destroyed the first egg of the game. This happened at the Flank Imperial-Capitol.

### Pic 5
Sorry this picture is a little bit fuzzy. It shows the Wolfhounds with the bad start into their mission.

### Pic 6
The hand of godÖ oh no sorry  ;D the hand of Enker still in action to destroy his second egg next to Toshiro who can just look who they steal his egg.

Title: Re: Battle Report: Alien eggs
Post by: micmellon on January 11, 2012, 04:39:23 AM
### Pic7:
The picture shows the Ronins who changed their strategy to response of the aggressive strategies of the opponents. They reached and spotted the egg but the egg survived this turn.

### Pic8:
The first squad of Sunset Striker pops up to do their job. Enker is just looking for his targets.

#### Pic9:
This picture shows the Wolfbairns in the Centre after they destroyed 2 eggs!!! GO Wolfbairns GO!
In the background you can see already the two Phoenix Samurais busy with their weapon malfunctions.
Title: Re: Battle Report: Alien eggs
Post by: micmellon on January 11, 2012, 05:08:13 AM
### Pic 10:
This picture tells already a whole story.
The dogs on the Flank Imperial-Capitol are gone.
The same happened with the Wolfbairn squad on the left. Only the Chief still stands his man.
The Sunset Striker Capt. has killed the HMG spec. in the Centre.
The Deathbringer fights already against the Warhound in the front.
The Wolfbairns in the front were already successful and almost wiped out afterwards.
The Mishima front on the right upper corner is in position.
### Pic 11:
This picture shows the large Mishima front pointing in the direction of the Capitol. Because there are not enough targets on the Imperial front to fire at you see already one Battlewalker fights against Capitol, too.  In the background you can find the second Sunset Striker squad.
Small note: Almost all markers you see are weapon malfunction marker. No matter how they looks like.

### Pic12:
This picture is even better to show the Flank Capitol-Mishima.

You see the Flank Imperial-Capitol on this picture.
To the left you see on the top the Sunset Striker squad who killed my Wolfbairns.
In the middle of the left side you see the last dog in panic.
Below you see the last man standing of my Wolfbairns.
In the middle you see from the top to the bottom the B&G Lt. Col.. It is the model with the HMG. He has in real only a SMG.
In the middle you see the Sunset Striker Capt with the flamer.
Below you see the three unit cards still in stealth and the 3 Wolfbairns left in the Centre. Each one except the Chief in the front is still in base to base contact with the egg he destroyed.
In the background you can see Mishima.

############ End of the 1st turn ####################

... to be continued
Title: Re: Battle Report: Alien eggs
Post by: Horned Owl on January 11, 2012, 07:31:10 AM

I hope nobody has something against nude play cards from the 80ties as unit cards for imperial.
You see the nice spread units along the limit of the deployment zone.

Oh, no. Certainly nothing aganst the, er, nicely spread units on the cards, sir. Do continue.
Title: Re: Battle Report: Alien eggs
Post by: micmellon on January 13, 2012, 04:25:49 AM
The second turn:

Flank Imperial-Capitol:

The flank is a quiet one. Almost nobody survived the last round except the Sunset Striker squad and the Wolfbairn Chieftain. The Chief spots the last egg of this flank tries to reach it, but the Sunset Strikers are faster and beat the Wolfbairn to the punch. They spot and destroy the egg. That makes one more egg for Capitol.

Flank Mishima-Imperial

The Warhounds fight with united power against the Deathbringer and are able to inflict him two wounds.

The rest of the Wolfbairns make a desperate attempt to stop the Ronins at their egg. The get killed during the assault. The Ronins are able to finish their job of the last turn and they destroy the first egg for Mishima.

Flank Capitol-Mishima

The static warfare continues on this flank. Because Imperial offers not enough targets for the Mishima Battlewalker they moves to this flank to break the resistance of Capitol.

Mishima still suffers a lot from the sand in their fire weapons. Some units are much busier with cleaning the barrels instead of firing out of all their barrels. Especially the Phoenix Samurais are almost useless. This circumstance helps the Sunset Striker to survive this turn.

Mishima has this turn quite a lot of bad luck. The Tiger Dragons have a fumble during the environment check and two Dragons and one Ashigaru are bogging into a sink hole.

But Mishima has some achievements to show, too. The Sunset Striker Capt. got killed.
This drives Capitol to a change of his strategy, too. The Great Grey moves from the Centre to this flank to counter the battlewalkers.

Maj. M.d.Torres makes a good job, too. She is able to do the almost incredible job. She kills with two well aimed shots Toshiro.

Toshiro dies without any noteworthy action done by him. Good that he is already dead otherwise he must kill himself to keep the honor. Even the grand commander of Mishima thinks in this moment about a career as a faceless. The outcome of this turn on this flank is a hard punch against his plans.

But still he can see some light at the end of the tunnel. He can still win the scenario so he shakes off the desperation and fights even harder for victory.


The rest of the Wolfbairns survives the multiple flamer attacks of the Sunset Striker Capt.. They spot the last egg in the Centre but the attempt to destroy the one layer of the egg with the side arms fails.

The second squad of Warhounds are jumping out of their hiding place and they make an assault to kill the Sunset Striker Capt. This charge is only partly successful and the Capt. survives with one wound left.


Three cards of Imperial are still in stealth and a trying to move to the front but are slowed down by the environment.

This turn took some speed out of the game. The first turn claimed his casualties and a lot off egg were destroyed. As an example Imperial was even happy that the game was slowing down. The later the second wave of eggs pops up the better for Imperial. Capitol is hunting after every egg to catch up with Imperial and Mishima has to start to keep his chance to win.

The intermediate results are:

Capitol 3 eggs
Imperial 4 eggs
Mishima 1 eggs

Title: Re: Battle Report: Alien eggs
Post by: micmellon on January 13, 2012, 04:28:14 AM

Update of the Sketch
Title: Re: Battle Report: Alien eggs
Post by: micmellon on January 13, 2012, 04:49:58 AM
### Pic 14:


This picture shows the Flank Mishima-Imperial. The Ronins in the front are staying around the destroyed egg. The Deathbringer with two wounds fights with the Warhound. To the left you see the stealth units of Imperial and the Sunset Striker Capt. of Capitol. To The right you see the front of Mishima against Capitol with the two Battlewalker.

### Pic 15:


This is still at the start of the turn. The Chief in the left corner hasnít started to run to the egg.
Opposite to him stands the long line of Sunset Striker. In the building you see the panic K9-Team and the B&G Lt. Col. behind the boxes. In the front of the building is the Sunset Striker Capt..
On the top of the building is still the Great Grey. In the centre are the Wolfbairns and three cards in stealth.

### Pic 16:


The Flank Capitol-Mishima with all the units of Mishima standing ready to kill or to clean the barrels. What even needs to be done. The three models in the very centre are the ones which will sink into the sinkhole.  Opposite you see the 4 Sunset Strikers left at this flank and hidden behind the trail the K9-Team.

### Pic 17:


A detail: The lonely chief has spotted the egg and is he is running to it. You see the spot marker next to the model and to the egg. In the next turn he could get it but that is a different story.

### Pic 18:


A detail: That's left of the Mishima front line after the turn.

### Pic 19:


A detail: The Warhounds are fighting with the Capt. The Chief of the squad has spotted the egg (you see the spot marker).
Title: Re: Battle Report: Alien eggs
Post by: micmellon on January 18, 2012, 04:22:30 AM
The third turn:

Flank Imperial-Capitol:

This is a relative quiet part of the table. The Wolfbairn Chieftain stays as good as possible behind his cover and a small gunfight happens between him and the Sunset Striker squad. Surprise! He survives this round.

The K9-Team gets rid of the panic and sends his last dog into the battle of the Warhounds against the Sunset Striker Capt. in the Centre area. The dogs bites one of the Warhounds and inflicts a wound.

Flank Mishima-Imperial

The last Warhound struggles still with the Deathbringer and the Deathbringer brings still no death to the Warhound. The Ronins are bored because they lack of eggs and enemies. They try to help the Deathbringer but they cannot turn the page.
The card in stealth moves still very slowly to the front.

Flank Capitol-Mishima

The great Grey is still busy to give the needed fire support. The Sunset Striker squad tries an assault to one of the last eggs and they are successful.
Amaterasu is busy to help the Tiger Dragons out of the sink hole.
The Phoenix Samurais are busy like always. Try a shot here and there and clean the barrels.
The same happens with the Battlewalker but at least they can kill a few models.


The Sunset Striker Captain fights with the two Warhounds. He tries to kill the Warhounds with the Katana but can only make one wound. After this both Warhounds smash their Hammers on his head and kill the bastard.

The last two Wolfbairns show how teamwork should work. One spots the egg and starts to fire at the egg and the second finishes the job the other has started. That makes them to the best squad of the scenario. 3 eggs with one squad! The last two cards are still moving slowly and staying in stealth.


This turn is a kind of moment to take a breath for the final end. There are only 2 eggs left what means there will be 12 fresh eggs at the beginning of the next round. This can change everything!
Who has the most models left? Who stands ready to take the new eggs?

Capitol is chasing Imperial and Imperial is doing their best to keep the lead. The new eggs are just the chance for Mishima they waited for to start a Blitzkrieg strategy.   

The intermediate results are:

Capitol 4 eggs
Imperial 5 eggs
Mishima 1 egg
Title: Re: Battle Report: Alien eggs
Post by: micmellon on January 18, 2012, 04:38:35 AM
Sorry but during this turn I forget to take pictures. At least I took not many... :'(

Like I mentioned it was a moment to take a deep breath before the final two rounds with new eggs could change everything.

But at first. The sketch:


### Pic 19:


This picture shows the squad of the game. The last two Wolfbairns destroyed the third egg. You see the Warhounds and the Sunset Striker Captain still fighting.

### Pic 20:


The Sunset Striker are still trying to kill my Wolfbairn and the dog of the K9 Team will leave this front a few moments later to join the battle against the Warhounds.
Title: Re: Battle Report: Alien eggs
Post by: micmellon on January 20, 2012, 04:54:39 AM
I forgot one more thing. Aaahh my notes and my memory are like a Swiss cheese.

The Warhound Chief of the squad who fought the Sunset Striker Capt. made an assault against the B&G Lt. Col.
The Warhound got as a result of this a wound after the Col. stroked back.
Title: Re: Battle Report: Alien eggs
Post by: micmellon on January 23, 2012, 05:15:29 AM
The fourth turn:

Like I mentioned before the eggs are restocked to their total number of 12 at the beginning of this turn.

Flank Imperial-Capitol:

Capitol shows one more time how to goal with the high initiative. The Sunset Striker squad isnít idle and takes directly there next egg. It is the place where they took their last one, too.

The single Chieftain of the Wolfbairns cannot take an egg in one round. With only three actions per turn he can only prepare himself to get his egg in the next round. He spots the egg and fires twice at the Sunset Strikers with no success. For a better understanding I will explain it. He needs two shots from his sidearm and one hit with his sword to destroy one egg, so that he needs over all at least three actions to succeed. He waits for his chance in the next turn.

The handler fires at the Chief but is not able to hit him. The dog is at this moment still buy in the centre.

Flank Mishima-Imperial

The Packmaster moves as fast as possible to the egg and tries to spot it. He fails and so he loses his chance to take the egg in the next turn.

The Deathbringer finally lives up to one's name. He kills the last Warhound but has not enough actions left to destroy the egg. He prepares himself to finish the job he started during the first turn in the last final turn.

The Ronins are doing a better job and are able to destroy the egg on the spot they destroyed their last egg, too.  Even one Ronin charged to the Packmaster to keep him busy to make sure he cannot interfere too much during the next turn.

Flank Capitol-Mishima

An emergency call reaches us at this flank. ďGreat Grey down! Great Grey down!Ē The battle walkers are able to show their superior firepower and eliminate a lot of the Capitol force on this flank. After this clean out Mishima is able to take over this flank.

Mishima is rising on this flank to gain their last chance to collect enough eggs. But a there is not one model ready to take advantage of the situation in this round. Almost all units have still to move to the eggs and most have even to spot them. All units or the rest of them are moving forward to get in reach of the eggs to beat them in the next turn.


The dog isnít able to do any more damage.
The Warhounds are killing the Sunset Striker Captain and they start a new attempt to seek and to destroy an egg. They are able to spot it but even with three models they are unable to destroy it. To their defense they had first to kill the Captain and to make a break away from the dog and the B&G Lt. Col. to meet all together at the egg. So finally three Warhounds are standing around one egg and hammering unsuccessful on it.

The B&J Lt. Col. doesnít like the idea to be left alone by the Warhound Chief so he takes his SMG and kills almost the whole squad of the Warhounds. Only the Chief remains but is in panic. This changes the situation dramatically. Just a few seconds before it looked like an easy job for the next turn to get the egg. Now it looks like an almost impossible thing to do it. This chance does only exist theoretically on the paper.

But Imperial has still an ace up one's sleeve. A fresh Warhound squad surprises all opponents popping up from stealth. Nobody had thought of this. They take their chances and are able to destroy easily one egg and they are in reach to more eggs to continue during the next turn.


Finally the whole Imperial army left stealth and is revealed. Only the false lead is still dancing around but does not matter anymore. Everybody and especially Mishima prepares themselves to get eggs in the next turn. It was surprising how difficult it was to react to the new eggs. It was only possible for each fraction to get one egg during this turn.

The intermediate results are:

Capitol 5 eggs
Imperial 6 eggs
Mishima 2 egg
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Here comes the sketch.

The bright flags are the eggs destroyed during the last three turns. You could say they are pretty much the destroyed ones of the old charge. The more solid flags are the latest successfully destroyed eggs.

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Post by: micmellon on January 23, 2012, 05:38:21 AM
### Pic 21:


You see the Sunset Strikers who destroyed their latest egg and the Chieftain standing opposite of them next to ďhisĒ egg. You can see the handler with his idle dog after it got left behind. The Warhounds left the image to attempt to destroy an egg for themselves.

### Pic 22:


The Warhounds just mentioned above in the last picture made a gathering around their egg. They were unable to destroy it but they are still full of hope to finish the job during the next turn. The third Warhound squad is still in stealth and they will just start to reveal themselves short after this picture. This will happen just after the B&G Lt. Col. killed almost the whole gathering of the three Warhounds.

### Pic 23:


This picture shows the Mishima force on the Flank Capitol-Mishima. Almost no Imperial is left. Only the Packmaster tries desperately to destroy an egg before he gets killed. But first he can only try to spot his egg and fails. The Ronins are just moving to their egg to destroy it.

### Pic 24:


The Ronins have just finished their egg and one of them keeps the Packmaster busy.

Sorry I took no picture of the third flank.
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Seems to have been a great game. With so few units per side, would you say that the results were more due to random luck or to tactics? Iīve noticed that games with few units tend to be quite random in their outcome.
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And Iīm looking forward to the rest.
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This is the limit of the nudity we can have around here!!   I don't want to use the mod stick, and the cards aren't graphic pornography, but keep it to a minimum so our site is safe for people at work or with the kids.

In the future, if you have a pic like this, please link it to photobucket or wherever with some warning.   

No sexting either!!!
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Awww shucks. *kicks a stone*  ;)
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The use of the play cards happened more by accident then by purpose. Could not find me deployment cards and found these play cards in one dusty corner.

During the game and when I was taking the photos I was not even thinking about the cards at all. I was struck be it when I was making the report that this could be a little bit odd.

I edited the pics. No nudity is left.
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Now, hopefully everybody is concentrating on the game and on the report with no nudes left ;)
The fifth and final turn:

Flank Imperial-Capitol:

The Sunset Strikers are making their next assault and they destroy easily the egg next to the Wolfbairn Chieftain. Afterwards they finish him, too. That makes one egg for Capital. A tie! Imperial has to get into the offence. But on this flank Imperial lost the chance to get an egg.

Flank Mishima-Imperial

Mishima starts with their high aimed push to win the game. Mishima has to get at least 7 eggs. Those are 5 more than they have in the moment. Not impossible but hard to reach. The Ronins are able to get the egg. Not a bad start for Mishima but the turn is not over and this flank was a hard one. The Ronins are able to continue and they destroy the egg next to the Packmaster. That makes the Ronin squad equal to the Wolfbairns in the centre of the table. Awesome work!
They cannot kill the Packmaster, so they call for a Battlewalker to finish this guy. The Packmaster wasnít able to destroy an egg in this round in any way so it didnít hurt too much.
As the next model the Deathbringer has to show his talents with eggs because after the Ronins successful egg destruction Mishima needs all eggs. No further mistakes are allowed or the game is lost. And whatever will be, will be. The Deathbringer isnít able to destroy the egg. Mishima has no chance to win the game and stops his just started push to glory.

Flank Capitol-Mishima

Because of the disaster on the second flank Mishima is not even trying to destroy the eggs on this flank. It was in any case a tight thing to do. Capitol has not much left on this flank, too. So everything stays calm on this side of the board.


This is the place where the decision will be made who will win the game.
First Imperial activates the fresh Warhound squad. It should be an easy thing to destroy one egg but then everything changes. The environment check fails. Then a fumble and viola: the two Warhounds are gone into a sinkhole. The single Chieftain cannot spot and destroy an egg all by himself. All the Chief can do is moving to the next egg and to guard it with his life.
That makes it tricky for Imperial to win. A Warhound Chieftain stands still next to one egg but he is still panicked because his whole squad got killed during the last turn. But the actions are left and three hits are necessary. It is hard but possible. But madam fate is still in business. One more time the environment check fails and a fumble follows the check. A flashflood takes the Chief from the egg.
That took all chances from Imperial to turn the page back to the winning side.
On the other hand Capitol has a small chance to destroy the egg with the guard. The handler with his one dog could reach this egg but it would be hard, too.
But Capitol hasnít to try it because a tie is all they need to win.


Capital won the game during the last turn.

The intermediate results are:

Capitol 6 eggs
Imperial 6 eggs
Mishima 3 egg

Strategy briefing:
Letís take a short look to the strategies and how they worked out.

Capitol had used a mixed strategy of fast assaults with LD initiatives and firepower in the back. The strategy worked out but it was tight.
The Imperial strategy wasnít bad. The weak point of getting fast many points and to defend the margin is always hard but with one or two full (but small) squads at the end there was a good chance to win.
Imperial made two errors. He spent no money for environment equipment and that was the failure what took all chances during the last turn. The second was the Packmaster. It is very difficult to destroy an egg with a single model and he offered not enough LD for initiative. The better choice would have been a high LD model or to spend the money in an in environment equipment.  

Mishima wait and kill strategy worked not very well. There was a lot of misfortune, too. But there was some mistakes done by the player, too. Mishima spent no money for environment equipment, too. Like Imperial and had to suffer for it, too. OK, the equipment doesnít help against weapon malfunctions and Mishima had a lot of trouble with that, too.
The other mistake was the movements of the models. The meat shield Toshiro was not enough in the front to save the rest and got killed to fast. But that wasnít a mistake of Mishima. That was luck for Capitol.  

Epilogue (or the question of size of force, luck and misfortune, strategies, and the number of turns)

These four factors have the most influence during this scenario. If we take a look at these 4 things regarding to this scenario it will show my point of view.
My experience shows me so far you need the proper strategy for a scenario. The strategy depends on the scenario goal of course but as we see there are different ways how to try it. And this is extremely depending on the size of the force. The Mishima strategy would be in the case of a larger force the better one. At least this strategy would gain the most of it. More guns and rifles will knock out the opponents much faster. And if you build a force specialist to the scenario task you have (in this scenario) not much fire power to match the Mishima force. The same happens if you make the game longer. If you have more turns it is better to wait and to kill the opponents who a rushing to the front.
In other words as smaller the force and limited time as much more risk you have to take to reach the goal and the straight to the goal strategy gives you the better chance to win.
In my opinion the force size and the number of turns are quite ok for this scenario because they give you the chance to try different strategies and it is not only focused to the number and the size of guns.
But in any way if you have no proper strategy you have at least in our scenarios no chance to win because the goals are normally complex enough that you have to keep them in your mind during the force building.
On the other hand you are right everything depends on luck, too. If you have a bad day and you have a lot of fumbles and the opponent has a good day it is hard to win. But normally it equals out on the long term. Of course if you have larger forces all players have to roll much more and that gives the higher chance that luck is not that big influence any more.  We play normally games of 750 to 1000 points sometimes we play 1000 to 1500 points. But we try to keep the force size smaller than 1000 points because we play normally 3 or 4 player games and they take a whole day (and sometimes the half of the night) to play.
Small mistakes during the force building (I put this into strategy) has a big influence, too. If Mishima and especially Imperial but some money into Survival equipment they wouldnít be so weak against the circumstances of the environment. Only Capital invested some money in it and had less trouble.
The error of a too low leadership was the second error of Imperial. Imperial lost all initiative casts.
That destroyed a few opportunities for Imperial.

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Sketch Turn 5:


You see clearly how Capitol and Mishima advanced into "Imperial" terrain.
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Post by: micmellon on January 30, 2012, 04:54:45 AM
### Pic 25:


The Centre before any disaster struck Imperial.
The three in the front are the squad where the two on the right will vanish into the sinkhole and the one with red hair is the one with panic who will leave with a flashflood.

### Pic 26:


The Sunset Striker will just start their assault to destroy the egg and the Wolfbairn Chieftain next to the egg.

### Pic 27:


This picture shows quite a lot. There is the Deathbringer in the front who had a tough day with no egg for him.  Next to the Deathbringerís egg you see the Warhound in panic moved by the flashflood.
Above you see partly the two Warhounds in the sinkhole and their Chief standing guard at his egg. The B&G Col. stands alone in the centre.

### Pic 28:


You see to the left the Sunset Strikers after they seek and destroy of the egg and the Chief. In the middle you see the guarding Chief and his two Warhounds in the sinkhole. Next to the Chief are the handler and the last dog of the table. To the right you see the B&G Col.

### Pic 29:


One more time the Imperial-Mishima Flank. You see the Battlewalker who killed my Packmaster. The Deathbringer is already removed to start his new career as a faceless. Your Mishima lord has a high need of Faceless because he fields as a standard package 4 squads of Faceless and 2 Battlewalker squads but that is a different storyÖ

### Pic 30:


The rest of the Mishima force on the empty Capitol-Mishima Flank. But they never got the chance to destroy any eggs.